How to go from dreaming about it to living it.

CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP MADE REAL™ (CLMR) is an invitation-only program for people who want to experience the extraordinary journey of transforming themselves and their world through personal empowerment and deliberate, purpose-driven action.

Ready to rethink the so-called rules of happiness and business?

Ready to lead not for your ego's sake but humanity's: yours, your organization's, the planet's?

Looking out at the world right now, we find that we've reached a point where we need to decide between business (or life) as usual and daring to leap onto a novel path. A path that has the potential to create a major shift, not just for us individually but our communities.

Conscious Leadership can be just that, and you can choose it anytime. There are countless ways to get started – from books and online articles to real-world conferences and courses. Just take the first step that suits you best...and then lean in.

Remember that humanity always starts with one person: you.

CLMR is an invite-only course that shares with you a flexible framework to create your own transformational DIY Conscious Leadership pathway. You can apply the framework to personal and organizational transformation.

No Conscious Leadership experience is required to take the course.

What you do need to bring with you are open(minded)ness, self-honesty, and a willingness to let go of some old ways of perceiving yourself and doing things.
But you already knew that.

A big thank-you goes to the guest experts who gave their time and knowledge to help spread the ideas and principles that can create greater impact, connection, purpose, and well-being at work (and outside of it):

Charles Vogl of "The Art of Community"
C. VoglIn our conversation, we dive into...
~ how to start building community when onboarding new team members,
~ what's one of the biggest mistakes leaders make with community,
...and more on building successful communities.

Carl Honoré of The Slow Movement (e.g. "The Slow Fix")
C. HonoreCarl and I explore...
~ the first steps we can take to slow down in our lives,
~ ideas for supporting generational diversity at work,
...and more on living with a sense of balance and openness.

Kari Enge, Editor-in-Chief of Rank&File Magazine
Kari EngeKari and I delve into...
~ how caring leadership impacts motivation,
~ why it's not enough to just put the spotlight on your conscious business mission,
...and more – including some unmissable advice she personally got from a well-known thought leader.

Joel Solomon of "The Clean Money Revolution"
J. SolomonWe dig deeper into...
~ why values are key to business success and what's the cost of value blindness,
~ what questions we have to ask ourselves to grow our relationship with money and bring more purpose into our lives,
...and much more about transforming our money mindset.

(Guest experts are listed in order of appearance in the course.)

Course Curriculum

  Chapter 5 - Discovering Key 2
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  Chapter 6 - Discovering Key 3
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  Chapter 10 - Discovering Key 7
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  Chapter 11 - Discovering Key 8
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  Chapter 12 - A New Horizon
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Your Instructor

Christine Gebhard
Christine Gebhard

As a Conscious Leadership advocate passionate about helping people grow self-awareness, flow, and meaningful missions, Christine shares in this course some of what she learned from conscious work cultures, from the breathtaking peaks and valleys of this adventure called life, and from talking and collaborating with exceptional change makers across the world.

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You can enroll in this course only if you received an invitation from Christine. After you received your invitation per email, you can enroll in the course for free. The course is self-paced: after you enrolled, you can start it anytime on-demand.
How long do I have access to this course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to it for the lifetime of the course. Please note that the course might be updated or otherwise altered, including the complete removal of the content, at any time by the instructor.
Do Conscious Leadership principles guarantee success?
No. Nothing guarantees success. Conscious Leadership (a.k.a. Conscious Business) only serves as a way to potentially open your eyes, mind and heart to a more holistic way of looking at work, creativity, and leadership.
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